May 5, 2021

Tara O'Brien - Partner - Spark America

Tara O'Brien - Partner - Spark America

Welcome back to America‘s premier K12 education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Edge we talk with Tara O'Brien, Partner at BTS Spark, a coaching organization dedicated to supporting educators.  This week, Dr. Stacey Gonzales discusses the emotional needs of the adult educators, the ways which they can be supported, and how to develop a more socially connected and emotionally supported learning community in our schools. This is a wide-ranging discussion on the implications of emotional supports for our adult educators.

Tara has helped over 13,000 school leaders across the globe which has the potential to make impact on over 7 million children. She works with entire school districts to support professional wellbeing and a sense of togetherness. She helps new and aspiring leaders develop their mindsets and sills for career advancement and longevity from pre-K through university.

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