June 3, 2021

Komal Shah - Educational Consultant

Komal Shah - Educational Consultant

Welcome back to America‘s premier K12 education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Edge we talk with Komal Shah, educational consultant and writer.  In this episode, we discuss the need to bring a greater awareness and consciousnesses to the educational system. How Komal realized, early on, as a new educator that the system was killing the creativity and inspiration out of children. She learned to bring performance, creativity and technicality to the design of educational experiences for her students that is built with the belief that she could evolve the educational system. 

Everything that Komal does is from a heart and mindset of bringing a new vision of education to bring a greater awareness and consciousness to each student, every day. She discusses how teachers can bring a greater sense of humanity to the learning experience, not as an add-on but as the center of the student's learning experience. She discusses how policy makers are missing the most important priorities and can learn from those who are creating space for true learning with a focus on consciousness to occur. She welcomes others to help change the narrative around public education to take the next steps and join the collation to be a part of the change movement in education.

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