July 1, 2021

Greg Schermbeck - Founder - SchermCo

Greg Schermbeck - Founder - SchermCo

Welcome back to America‘s premier K12 education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Edge Dr. Stacey Gonzales speaks with Greg Schermbeck, founder and president of SchermCo.  In this episode, we discuss the educational system, supporting stakeholders in various ways as schools return and the supports needed to make sure instruction and learning continue to offer responsive options. Listen to the great insights about "ownership" when it comes to students and schools and what "school choice" really means. 

Greg Schermbeck is the founder and principal of SchermCo, a social-impact implementation firm that offers School & Community Support services. Their mission is to work alongside Foundations, Schools, and Nonprofits to achieve audacious results for students & adults. SchermCo has a social-impact focus and works with partners to reinvest 1% of time/funds from each project back into the communities they serve. 

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