Aug. 18, 2021

Dr. Matt Silver - CEO - Pathways Education

Dr. Matt Silver - CEO - Pathways Education

Welcome back to America‘s premier K12 education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Edge Dr. Stacey Gonzales speaks with Dr. Matt Silver, CEO of Pathways Education and creator of Meaningful Mastery.

In this episode, Dr. Silver shares about the coffee shops they build to empower young adults with special needs. He explores the ideas of adding real meaning to project-based learning, building curriculum on the self-determination theory, and the trust model in coaching.

“We create pathways. We don’t wait for them to appear,” he said.

The purpose of Pathways Education is to support young people and their families with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and to encourage a change in the existing systems to ensure that young people, regardless of their circumstances, aren’t left behind.

Dr. Matt Silver has also created Meaningful Mastery, a project-based learning curriculum for today's world which has impactful results on schools country-wide.

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