May 19, 2021

Dr. Evisha Ford - Founder - iCan Dream Center

Dr. Evisha Ford - Founder - iCan Dream Center

Welcome back to America‘s premier education podcast! In this amazing episode of The EdUp Edge we hear from Dr. Evisha Ford, Founder of the iCan Dream Center, a private school for exceptional students. Dr. Ford and Dr. Gonzales go one-on-one - in-person - discussing how to build to build a psychologically safe working environment, ways to build an honorable culture that thrives, how to boldly lead as a woman of color, and how to build a culture of social justice.

Dr. Evisha Ford designed the iCan Dream Center to address the recreational, emotional, and post-secondary needs of youth with disabilities along with their families.  She supported the development of other professionals in her role as an Assistant Professor and Special Education Leadership Program Coordinator at Concordia University Chicago, in the Graduate College. In 2015, she accepted the role of Assistant Superintendent in the Posen-Robbins School District where she served successfully through 2019.

Additionally, Dr. Ford serves on the Board of Directors for The New Roseland Community Hospital, HeartLife Ministries and The Cradle Foundation- Sayer Center. She was also appointed as President of the Board for the United Way Blue Island/Robbins Neighborhood Network. In March 2018, Dr. Ford was awarded Woman of the Year by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. In July 2018, she was honored as one of the influential “100 Black Women in Chicago” for her educational contributions. Dr. Ford was recognized by the Professional Women’s Network as a “Community Ignitor” In July 2019. In Winter 2019, she received the Paige Award for her impact within the special needs community.  In her spare time Dr. Ford enjoys traveling with her two sons, scuba diving & participating in book clubs

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